December 5, 2009

Cloud watching DF

I am staying 36 hours in MxDF. It is a perfect, clear day for cloud watching in Anáhuac, the "most transparent region of the air". Yesterday in the plane, the man sitting next to me told me, while we were contemplating an incredible sunset, that he has the impression that in the last decades the amount of clouds in the atmosphere has considerably increased. It would be interesting to know if there is an investigation about it, but the truth is that our ignorance of clouds and the role they have in regulating climate is almost completely.


Emilio said...

El D.F. tiene unos cielos espectaculares durante diciembre y enero. No sé si el fenómeno sea nuevo, pero siento que los últimos años los cielos más límpidos se encuentran por estas fechas... y enero en el D.F. suele ser muy bonito, es como el otoño de un país frío. Y las fotos me pusieron nostálgico.

Roberto said...

Nice pics! Hope to meet you next time you're more than 36 hours in the city.