January 5, 2010

Calacas in December

Many years ago I visited Taxco with my fam. When we were leaving I could see through the window of our car a "calaca" on the top of a lateral door of Santa Prisca's. I visited Taxco shortly before Christmas and looked for the calaca. I couldn't find it easily, since there were some renovation works. But a man explained to me that the street which begins there is called "Calle de la muerte". Indeed, there is a big calaca on the pavement.

And also, while visiting a little cemetery in Tlalpujahua, Michoacán, I was amazed to see the tombs full of flowers and food and papers since Día de Muertos. One of the tombs was decorated for Halloween and Día de Muertos at once, with calacas included.

But yesterday I heard that in Serbia and other Balcanic countries people behave in a very similar way as Mexicans do in Día de Muertos. Have to check that out.

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Jojo Walrus said...

Hi! I'm from Tlalpujahua, and I'm glad that you were in my hometown. I hope that I could share some pics with you that I shot from the cementery in November 2nd, that was the "Día de Muertos". Or, If you got Facebook, we could be web friends, just search for Jojo Walrus and you can find me. (Por cierto, hablas español?)