January 14, 2010

Christmas text

The Sunday before Christmas I published a text about Tlalpujahua (in Michoacán, Mexico) in Germany's FAZ. Tlalpujahua is very well know because of the more than 250 factories producing balls for Christmas trees. Not all of them are spheres, they also produce little cubes and spirals, etc. It is worth going there, in any case, a beautiful, little, vivid town in the middle of the Otomí mountains.

This was also the first time they publish a picture shot by me. It is nothing special, but still. Writing the text was even a much bigger adventure than going to Tlalpujahua itself: I wrote it partialy in the press center of the Cinema Festival of Havanna in the Hotel Nacional, in Vedado, and part of it in a storage room of a post office, also in Vedado, surrounded by letters, sacks, Cubans talking, flirting, complaining, wasting their time and mine, doing everything except working.

On the upper part of the page, a nice text by my friend Susanne as well.


Foto: Restaurant in Tlalpujahua

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that pic is awesome!