January 15, 2010

Serbian photos

There is a young, very promising Serbian photographer called Sanja Knežević. She started working for National Geographic, for a Dutch and English newspapers and magazines, etc. All pics down here are from her.

A couple of weeks ago I met another one, also from Belgrade, but based in London, called Nemanja Antanasković, who is also directing videos, specially for Yeti.

These are the people we should be looking at, not to the boring opportunist Kusturica.

Fotos: Sanja Knežević

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Bratislav Milenkovic said...

Hey hey Enrique,

Finally, enough time to sit down and take a look on your blog.... :) And it's in my bookmarks now. :)

I see you've found Sanja :)
Great! She's really one of the most talented young photographers here....

Dont know if you've checked this, but here's small reminder:

http://www.belgraderaw.com ;)

Anyway, from now on, I'm looking fwd to see more here. :)
Have a great time! :)