September 14, 2010

My first film/animation

Now I am working for this art magazine which happens to be the oldest art magazine in Germany and, if I am not wrong, also in German language. We are currently celebrating the 80th anniversary and I was asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for some event. That sounded boring to me, so I learned how to use iMovie and made a short film. I had never edited two images, so I am quite happy with the result. But above all, this meant for me the discovery of a whole new world, which I knew just passively. It is quite fun and challenging!

Enjoy it, but please do not google out the website of the magazine, which is (still) terrible. Rather, like it on FB, if at all.


Anonymous said...

Querido Enrique:

Pues si así de bien fue la primera película, yo quiero suscribirme para no perderme ninguna. ¿Aceptas colaboraciones? :-)

¡Muchas felicidades!

Con cariño desde Madrid,

S. said...

Me gustó, me parecieron un poco lentos los cambios al principio y algo rápidos al final, aunque no la ví con audio.