September 3, 2010

Visiting the Kraemer family in Paris

Some weeks ago I went to Paris to visit a family -- the Kraemers -- which is well known in the celebrities' world because they are the oldest antiquaires in Paris selling furniture of the XVIII Century. I had an appointment, then we went to Deauville, but the son stayed in the gallery, since the next appointment in the agenda was Lenny Kravitz. The most famous people have visited the gallery: Jackie Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Greta Garbo, etcetera. The clients of this family are the White House, Louvre, Versailles, J. Paul Getty Museum, and so on.

They are the most discrete dinasty of antiquaires, who rarely accept interviews. In 135 years, the Kraemers had given just three interviews: to Wall Street Journal, to Forbes and, oddly, to Point de Vue. The Forbes article is short and gives a quick impression of what I am talking about, the one in the WSJ is rather a reportage of the most exclusive Parisian Biennale, and PdV has a nice picture gallery of their private flats. My piece is auf Deutsch.

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