September 17, 2010

Singin' in the rain instead of yellin' under fire

Last Wednesday night, Mexico celebrated the 200th anniversary of the beginning of a local war which ended up --11 years and 11 days later -- in the Declaration of Independence from Spain.

But Mexico's present is so terrible, that I decided some years ago to leave. Mexico is a great place to be on holidays, not to live in.

These days, I do not feel like celebrating any Mexico: the general violence and political corruption are so immense, that they overshadow any reason to party. It is also a nameless shame that a wracked system allowed a Mexican to become the richest man on Earth, who cannot care less for his country, despite the big poverty.

Instead of drinking tequila and celebrating the Grito ("Yell" or "Call"), I got lucky and went for free to the concert of U2 in Munich. There I got even luckier and managed to be in front of the stage, just in front of this guy with his candle. "This is not good enough to be here", one security guy told me when I showed him my Press ID, "but somehow you managed to be here already, I won't spoil your evening, go ahead".

A very shy rain improved the night. We were singin' in the rain.

In my mind there was the concert of U2 in Berlin one year ago. I have great memories of that beautiful day. I miss 2009, the best year I have had in Germany so far.

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Vermisst du ein Jahr oder vermisst du eher eine Person? Gegen die Zeit kannst du nichts machen, aber für die Person schon...