December 6, 2010

Those tragic last years

The woman was getting sicker and sicker. Because he loved her, he took her to Florence, a more friendly place for her health, and took care of her, until she eventually died. Then he came back to his old place and got a new house. He became bitter, even irascible.

Secretaries are supposed to keep secrets. His secretary's secret was her love for him. She managed to get rid of the sick daughter who was now occupying most of his attention: she put pressure on him, till he decided to put the daughter in a sanatorium. But he was not in love with her, and the relationship did not developed from the desk to the bed. Soon he realized her motives, fired her, and the sick daughter came back home.

But she was hurt and angry on her father. The relationship was hard. Soon after, she had one of those terrible epilepsy attacks while taking a bath on Christmas Eve. She drowned.

He was devastated: the death of his wife was still present, and this was the second of three daughters who had passed away. Four months later, he also died.

There is a single clip of the family, shot by Thomas Alva Edison himself, who visited them short before the tragic accident of the daughter. She is sitting in front of him drinking tea.


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