July 9, 2013

Dismembered heads: Art vs Sensationalism

If you go to Seville's Royal Alcazars and you enter the Cuarto del Almirante, you will find an altar with an image of Mary. It is called Virgen de los Mareantes, which used to mean Sea People or Sailors. It is a beautiful baroque piece done by Alejo Fernández in the 1530s.

On the sides, four panels depict four saints, which might had been painted by a different artist.

If you look careful, you'll find a Santiago Matamoros (literally "Moors Killer") image on the left lower corner. He has just killed three moors, whose heads lie on the floor.

We have seen that already in Mexico: Narcos!

Or is it the other way round? It might be possible that due to our baroque art Mexicans have been induced to bestial violence. It could be.

Violence and religion: a great cocktail. Cheers!