July 9, 2013

First depiction of (naked) native Americans

When were the indigenous people from the Americas first depicted?

I remembered the controversy recently while visiting the Royal Alcazars of Seville. According to the information offered to the visitors, the first one is to be found in Alejo Fernández famous Virgen de los mareantes, right under her right arm.

But Jonathan Jones has pointed out recently that there is an older one to be found in Amerigo Vespucci's first voyage letter to Piero di Tommaso Sonderini, published in Florence in 1505. Jones has even written a book telling more details about the mean means of Vespucci in order to get what he wanted.

Anyways. A few months ago, the Vatican revealed a fresco by Pinturicchio from 1494, where a few Native Americans are shown naked, right under Christs right foot.


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