July 17, 2013

Szymon Laks

Szymon Laks was a Polish born, Paris-based musician, who got caught by the Gestapo. He eventually became the director of the orchestra in Auschwitz. A Jew, he survived the II World War, and published a book about his musical experience at the concentration camp. He kept writing both music and literature, until Israel attacked Egypt in 1973 in the so called Six Days War. He could not understand that Israelis (or Jews) could start a war after the Shoah. He believed in peace and in the power of writing. So he stopped writing music and concentrated on his literary works.

Last week was launched the Master Revival Series, a Polish project regarding forgotten Jew composers from Poland who were imprisoned or killed by Nazis. Szymon Laks' is the first episode. It constitutes a magnificent piece of memory and culture and human heritage beyond races or nationalities. It is worth watching and listening to his son, Prof. André Laks, recalling his paternal figure.

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RicardoZF said...

Mélodies d'Auschwitz.