May 28, 2007

Absolut Skype

There's a guy who lives upstairs. His is a nice flat, actually a penthouse with wooded columns and slanting ceilings. Since I lack of a TV and wanted to watch a soccer game, I went to him. He was practicing the ultimate kind of Vodka-drinking-style I know: His mate was in München, and they were getting drunk through Skype + webcam. As for music he is listening to Regina Spektor's Bartender:
Come on, bartender, won't you be more tender?
Gimme two shots of whiskey, and a beer chaser


Pedro Barbosa said...

I don't have Skype but think I'll get one just for practice Absolut Skype.. nah, just kidding; in fact, i don't like vodka...

Oye Enrique, ¿de pura casualidad a Berlín no ha llegado el Beer-Pong? Porque la raza del Liceo se está enviciando con ese juego..

Sebastian Paul said...

Increible, un amigo Canadiense tambien aplicó esa moderna forma virtual de agarrar "party".