August 23, 2007

Do you parkour?

Yeah! Great!

Now I know what's the name of this craic: Parkour! Keep this word in mind.

And David Belle is coming next week to Berlin and giving a demonstration. This is exactly what I was looking for since I started jumping from the roofs, climbing up the walls of my home and the houses of my neighbors, jumping downstairs over the handrail, using the windows instead of the doors... There's still alive the story of that jump through the window just after the Death Of The Art was announced to us at the end of our Aesthetics class... This all began as Dad started inviting me to walk on a pipe, make long & high jumps, to challenge height, gravity and adrenaline.

People doing Parkour in Berlin meet regularly in the Kulturforum at Potsdamer Platz. See you there.

Pics by Łukasz Trzciński. See more here.


Guillermo said...

Con los super botines.

robespierre said...


te recomiendo

Garcín Altoalcázar said...

Mejor con Converse.

Lydia said...

¡Qué fotografías las de Łukasz Trzciński! Vale la pena ver su página entera.
Y esto del parkour debía haber estado de moda cuando tu tío Antonio era joven..... ¡Lo que hubiéramos hecho de chicos nuestra generación!