September 30, 2007

Canadian "classical musical music"

I was once in Toronto, and I did not like the city. Kind of boring, although it was really crowded that week. The most interesting was driving to the Niagara Falls.

But if I had known (and appreciated at that time) about Glenn Gould, I think I would be more positive towards it. So next time I will have some scrambled eggs at Fran's, just for the sake of it.

Tonight I finally watched Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould. Nice craic! The X-ray film of the pianist playing the piano, and also the "Hamburg" fragment are the most aesthetical sequences.

And I still have to say that after attending that Beethoven piano concert by David Fray last week I got really conscious of how important is it to maintain a congruence between the music (or art) and the attitude of the artist. This young pianist is technical perfect, but his immaturity at the piano grant him no sympathy of the audience. There was a man who even whistled to disapprove him. Such eccentricities could be accepted in a genius. Like Glenn Gould of David Helfgott...

Photo: a copy of Glenn Gould's chair.

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Familia González Gómez said...

A mi de Toronto lo único que me gusta es la CN Tower.

Conociste Montreal? Te gusto?