March 13, 2008

Don't miss it! Help yourself!

Most funny moment: the cameraman trying to have a close-up of Larry Mullen Jr, and falling down on the stairs ("Sunday, bloody Sunday").

Worst moment: Bono huging like 50 seconds a girl.

Best songs: "Sunday, bloody Sunday" & "Where the streets have no name".

Disappointment: "One".

Surprise: Accoustic version of... guess!

Really cool: The Edge's t-shirt resembling the national coat of arms of Iturbide (something like it).

Best performances: Bono singing Pavarotti's bit of "Miss Sarajevo" & obviously: The Edge's chiming, shimmering's guitar playing "One".

A must: to watch it again.

A tip: do not sit in the center of the theatre, but on a side, in order to jump and react freely.


J.P. Castel said...

Problem: I'm not a fan
Hope: I may give it a try
Time: not soon
The other tip: in LL's blog, far better. nice one.

Enrique G de la G said...

Jajaja... qué chistoso, Castel, no lo había visto publicado (lo envié en febrero). Chido.