March 5, 2008

Giordano Bruno in Berlin

There is a certain atheistic institution in Germany fighting against God (is it possible at all to fight the Invisible?) and the three major religions: Christianism, Islam and Judaism. In order to do that and like a symbol of the evolutionary and illustrated humanism they want to develop, they just inaugurated last Sunday a new statue-memorial of Giordano Bruno in Potsdamer Platz, one of the most populated places of Berlin. I like this picture because of the two crosses on the ceiling.

But rather than the expressionist German statue, I really prefer Giordano's statue in Campo di Fiori, because he is stepping forward, and perhaps also because of its Darth-Vader-look.

I also prefer these Italian girls than those blue German guys.

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david-. said...

Yo tengo la teoría de que bxvi debería ir a dejar una ofrenda a Giordano. Acaso con ese gesto se arreglarían muchas cosas.