March 24, 2009

Bonne foi, mauvaise foi

In the first line of his "Essays", Montaigne says that those are texts written "de bonne foi", and he explains the concept further: he, his own being is the real substance of his lines. This is the fundamental and founding intention behind an essay - the bonne foi.

There is the opposite expression in French language, whose origin I ignore: "mauvaise foi" (which is different from the "mauvaise foi" of the existentialism authors, if I got it right). In daily life, the expression "mauvaise foi" is said about an argument which one party does not accepts publicly as right or true, and sticks to his own opinion, although s/he knows it is wrong or false, and later, in the next opportunity, he defends the opinion of the other party, i.e. he is using the same arguments s/he was being attacked with to attack the next opponent.

Foto: " saint motaigne" by mariana.

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