September 7, 2009


Went today to Masada, one extraordinary achievement of human military fortification and urban design. I could write a lot about how the Jews built in the middle of the desert, on the top of a hill, a city with swiming pools, thermal baths, palaces and more than 25 water containers.

Romans attacked the city with 8000 soldiers, and it lasted months, till they managed to defeat them. In order to get into the city they built a ramp from the soil to the city wall. An extraordinary military action.

I remembered what Mark Twain says about Italians. His remark was concerning the Venetian Republic, but it can also be said about the old Romans. They were such brave soldiers and amazing fighters; and it is a pity and a little bit ridicoulous that nowadays Italians are not well known because of that but because of their metrosexuality. (Of course Twain's words are far funny.)

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