September 26, 2009

Yellow dresses

Yellow is not a very popular color for dresses, but there are a few exceptions worth to mention. There is a constant in paintings depicting women in yellow dresses: most of them are called "Yellow dress". That is a sign of this rarity.

Matisse has some yellow dresses, like these, for instance:

Egon Schiele painted also a yellow dress:

And Tamara de Lempicka:

And also Amadeo Modigliani:

And Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys portraited his sister Emma also in yellow:

Who looks a little bit similar to "La fileuse", by John William Waterhouse:

Among contemporary commercial artists yellow dresses have become a little bit more popular, like this girl by Diane Leonard and this annunciation by Caroline Jennings.

No more paintings, but still something visual: By the end of the XIX century, Sunday comic strips started to appear in the newspapers. One of the first of them was the Yellow Kid, which was wearing a yellow nightshirt. This guy is the origin of the expression "yellow journalism" (in Spanish "amarillismo").

This drives us to politics. Former President of Philippines, Corazón Aquino, was in love with all kind of yellow dresses. That is the reason why people brought so many yellow flowers to her funeral.

In special occasions, as when her husband came to the White House, Michelle Obama has wore also yellow dresses:

Maybe that is the reason why there is a Parisian Obama-yellow-dress:

Pop stars live in Washington DC and Hollywood. That brings us to a movie-poster...

...where Kate Hudson looks terrible (even worse than Tamara de Lempicka's self-portrait) because she is blond. Yellow dresses shine and make the woman shine even more, as Emma and "La fileuse" had thought us already, when she is pretty and brunette. Take for instance Mélissa Theuriau...

...or, even better, Hilary Rhoda:

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