September 29, 2009

McDonalization? Easy!

Foto: Banksy (

Yesterday I was driving my bike close to Hackescher Markt, and I saw in the building they have been working on for some time a new ad: EasyHotel. It is the new branch of the English airline EasyJet, which changed the way of traveling in the 90's and implemented the cheap flights in Europe. If there was in the 80's a rich JetSet flying on the Concorde to New York to have a dinner or attend some party, the 90's saw the massification of this party-tourism and created an EasyJetSet.

Now, the EasyHotel. You can choose a room with or without window. With or without TV. With or without bed, almost. This is how it looks like.

This is the massification of fat McDonald's-fans-tourists. It might even look worse than McDonalization.

Imagine your orange EasyHoliday-summer: book a flight with EasyJet in any EasyInternetCafé, where you should also update your iPod with some EasyMusic. After landing, take an EasyBus to check-in in an EasyHotel, and if you are too tired to go to an EasyCinema, then just ask for an EasyPizza and rent an EasyDVD just after taking an EasyBath. Don't worry too much about the time, since for sure your EasyWatch will be there. Next day you take an EasyCruise, or rent an EasyCar. EasyMoney credit cards accepted! Easy, no?

Never hated this orange and this stupid "easiness" so much before!

Nothing like Banksy's intervention to Claude Derain's "The Flight to Egypt" to understand the new orange massification. Voilá!

Foto: Banksy (