September 12, 2009

Music blogs

Three years ago I started checking daily the music blog Filles Sourires (this week celebrating the 4th anniversary!), which changed completely the way I hear music, and encouraged my love to French music. Since then I had checked some other blogs, and also became a constant reader of Aurgasm, a blog which had an amazing display till few days ago, when they started putting too many pics. And sometimes I throw a glance to Coverfreak.

I didn't succeed reading Ternura Porno, which seemed to me boring, poor creative and egocentric. I didn't manage either to understand how Motel de Moka was working, till now, when I checked it again after one and a half or two years. This is one of the most popular music-blogs by Mexicans, although it does not concentrate on Mexican music.

Before using music blogs, previous attempts like Napster were in my case not that successful. I didn't succeed either listening to radio online, and my experience using Pandora, that page which was suggesting you all the time similar songs / bands, lasted a couple of weeks.

That is my account. If you fancy, you can also read Nick Hornby's, published last Sunday on The Guardian.

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