April 1, 2010

Die Zeit!

I just started today to work as an intern for German weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" (Magazin). My office is really cool, with a big window facing one of the two skyscrappers of former East Berlin. It is really an impressive experience to be here, with such a skilled group of people, so relaxed and professional. I got already some duties to do, although tomorrow it is Easter-long-weekend in Germany.

Last year was so great while working for the "FAS". More than a million readers. Now, I have learned, I am in a even bigger newspaper with more than two million readers.



F said...

¡Wow! Mi Ñepo, ¡buena suerte en el nuevo trabajo! Pon una foto de la oficina.

S said...

Kicks, Felicidades! Sé que ese semanario tiene lectores en México, en horabuena!

Anonymous said...

¡Muchas felicidades, Enrique! Wow... Sin palabras. Todo lo mejor. ¡Trabaja duro!

Un abrazo madrileño,