April 18, 2010

Some wisdom in Heidi Montag

How to pronounce the name of the most famous volcano nowadays? Wikipedia helps: listen!

To me, there is no big difference between the reaction of the governments to the swine flu one year ago and the Eyjafjallajökull today. Too much ado about nothing!

Some years ago, Popocatépetl threw also ashes, I had in my room ashes for the next two weeks, it was a mess having a 2-centimeters thick lay of ashes at home. And there was no interruption of flights or whatsoever.

It's all because governments in very developed countries overreact. It's all about paternalism: let me take care of you, I will forbid this and that for your own sake. Bluff! Yes, there was an AirFrance-plane last year which fall into the ocean, and now they are afraid it will be the same.

I would say: let's behave like Heidi Montag did one year ago and start wearing masks: volcano ashes could eventually harm our health...

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