April 25, 2010

On hair

I wasn't completely aware of the beauty of hair till last September. Before, for me the hair was just a matter of color. For many years I just liked blond girls. I was stroked when I met TW, a girl with copper on her head.

Two or three years ago, a Turk hairdresser talked to me for half an hour about my hair. She was a passionate of hair, you could notice it immediately. She draw my attention to my hair for the first time and encouraged me to take care of it more properly.

But it was in September, when I went to Israel (my first time in Middle East) when I became completely aware of human hair. No other women have such a strong, healthy, attractive, dark hair as they do. Only when you have seen that you understand better the meaning of tonsure for monks, of head-shaving in prisons, of headscarves among Muslim women and Christian nuns...

As a contrast, check these pics of great hair "sculptures".

Today I met again AD: We had met last September. Her hair seemed to me so impressive, that it started all the thoughts I just described. Today, so many people were turning around to see her hair. But then I look at it more carefully under the summer sun of Berlin... and hélas! She dyes her hair! All that blackness is not as great the panther's sould, but by means of coloration.

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