June 12, 2010

Die Zeit ist vorbei, es lebe Die Zeit

Yesterday I signed up my resignation by "Die Zeit". It was ok, but not my cup of tea, I must admit. I learned some stuff, but not as much as I was expecting.

I drove my back under a sky full of contrail clouds. It was amazing, so I stopped in the middle of this bridge over the Spree and next to the Bodemuseum to take some pictures, since I never before I had seen so many contrails.

This weekend I am organizing my stuff before flying to South Africa for the World Cup. You will read the story in a couple of Sundays at the FAZ. You can check some follow-ups on the FB of "ZEITmagazin". It's going to be fun.

I am just scared of the Vuvuzelas and their horns: not nice mates for my tinnitus.

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