July 18, 2009

U2 - 360º :: It's a beautiful day!

Edge's girl made this afternoon a nice picture of him before the concert in Berlin in his private library.

Tonight is the big concert in Berlin. U2 - 360º :: It's a beautiful day!

Today I have been watching U2's concert in Mexico City in 1999. I remembered that night. I had no tickets, but managed to go there with LAS and OC. The sound outside was perfect due to the Palacio de los Deportes architecture. In order to catch a glimpse we climbed a wall, but after 5 minutes we decided to move somewhere else. Perfect timing! The police came to kick them down.

I had a ticket for the concert in Munich in 2005. Keane opened the concert. But that very day I missed it, since I was in Cancún (couldn't arrange the flight). Damn! And when the Vertigo Tour reached Mexico, I was already in Germany. Damn it again!

But tonight we will be rocking there!

Here one of the best songs, that memorable night in front of the Palacio de los Deportes.

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