February 24, 2011

"Do I count as a woman?"

Audrey Hepburn first appeared in a feature movie as a KLM stewardess in Nederlands in zeven lessen. It was 1948 and she was just 18 years old. You can watch the complete movie online or the clip here, where she appears.

Three years later she had her second appearance, also very short, is as a cigar girl in Laughter in Paradise, where she brilliantly asked: "Do I count as a woman?"...

In 1954 she got her first Oscar for Roman Holiday. It is impossible to embed the whole clip with Gary Cooper announcing the nominees from Mexico, which is really funny, but at least you it is possible to add her speech-clip here.

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S. said...

La gloria de holanda! -Inglesa, por cierto- Dienst ist Dienst! Muy buena! Caramba, siempre ha sindo guapa ella.