February 12, 2011

Guess face: Abbas, Enrique G de la G, Yulia Gorodinski

Abbas, Woman with Koran (19??)

Enrique G de la G, Cortázar en Cali (2009)

Yulia Gorodinski, Self portrait (2011)

Abbas is one of the few photographers who has dealt with religious issues. He had sort of an illumination when he traveled to Mexico in the 1980s and stayed in Oapan. After that project, he published an amazing book, which had been unavailable for almost two decades, but now you can find most of the images online (do not know how long this link will work, it is not mine).

I heard about Yulia Gorodinski a few days ago for the first time and fall in love immediately with her (work). She is a young Israeli from Tel Aviv, who studied History and English Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is shooting self portraits in the cutest possible way. Her pattern and hue is nostalgic, and I love that, which is in my case very significant, since I rather prefer b/w photography. Her colors remind me of William Eggleston. Yulia shows her interest for fashion and naked body, for daily places in unconventional situations and some shoots remind me of Leni Riefenstahl.

This sosias (forget about the picture in the middle) is absolutely amazing: two women representing the best of their cultures: pop music (Blondie?) and the Koran, one in a trendy swimsuit, the other one in her "Muslim dress". The picture of Abbas shows rather cold colors with a big, red spot in the center; the balance is obtained due to the wood on her lap and the back wall. On the other hand, Yulia is repeating this red spot to catch your attention, but the balance between warm (soil) and cold colors  (sky) is just perfect.

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