February 3, 2011

Foto now :: Polaroid, iPhone

Polaroid's SX-70. It won't let you stop. Suddenly you see a picture everywhere you look.

Now you press the red electric button. Whirr... whoosh... and there it is. You watch your picture come to life, growing more vivid, more detailed, until minutes later you have a print as real as life. Soon you're taking rapid-fire shots -- as fast as every 1.5 seconds! -- as you search for new angles or make copies on the spot. The SX-70 becomes like a part of you, as it slips through life effortlessly...

(Advertisement, 1975, quoted by Susan Sontag, On Photography)

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S. said...

I felt like reading those old National Geographic Magazines that my parents used to have!

People used to

And ads where like short stories