April 28, 2011

Artistic football

I grew up watching every Sunday Hugo Sánchez scoring for Real Madrid, and I identify myself as merengue. But Real Madrid sucks! I have been unable to support this team for the last 12 years, despite Zidane's majesty, Valdano's prose, Figo's wife and Redondo's perfection. It is getting worse.

Barça plays not only effectively (what counts), but also beautiful (what interests me). As in this artistic clip.


Yaotzin Botello said...

I like it!

T^T° said...

En representación de Zizou, Valdano, Figo, Redondo ... y de las novias y/o esposas de la mayoría de los jugadores que han militado en ese glorioso club... Yo te digo, no cambies de equipo.