April 25, 2011

re:publica 2011

Daniel Domscheit-Berg by Jonas Fischer

re:publica is one of the most important conferences for bloggers in Germany. I was very positive impressed by the quality of the lectures given, the good spirit of the participants, the funny Power-Point-karaoke, the better understanding of the web and cyberspace, the creativity of these guys, etcetera. I was introduced by a common friend to Johnny Häusler, one of the founders of the conference, and you can see that he is a smart, hard-working, non-pretentious guy.

Yes, there are problems (a new location is urgent, some lectures were not that good, as it always happens in this massive events, then you have at the same time three or four very interesting topics, and you cannot afford everything). But all in all, it was more than worth going there and listen new ideas, new perspectives, new people, new projects.

Letras Libres (Blog) just published three pieces about re:publica:

In the first one, I describe the current state of internet in Brasil, and review the lecture by Sascha Lobo, the enfant terrible of Germany's cyberspace.

In the second one, I discuss different approaches to the violence in Middle East, the role of WikiLeaks and the future of journalism.

In the third one, I present the first study on fashion blogs done in Germany by Anna Weilberg, and one of the cutest bloggers doing an acute work: Julia Probst.

 Julia Probst by Dirk Haeger

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