July 8, 2011

Menotti on (not using) cell phones

When I told my friend TS that I am interested in not having a mobile phone, he replied to me with a beautiful football story.

Antonio Ubaldo Rattin, Boca's captain, said once that his team was loosing in La Bombonera, and the fans were very negative on the players. Rattin told Menotti: "Flaco, run, otherwise they'll kill us all". And he replied: "Since when do you have to run in order to play football?"

TS elaborated on this: "The same happens with the cell phones. People think that they are more productive, but that is not necessarily the case. It is about thinking. It is not about running, but about thinking, that's the issue".

True, true!


T^T° said...

buenísima la foto del flaco ... lo retrata de cuerpo entero

Anonymous said...

And yet, I wondered if Boca won that match. At least, not Menotti nor his captain were killed...