July 29, 2011

To show off or not to

Recently I met two people who are extreme opposites to each other. The one is very humble and easy going, has no great wishes, is always ready to be thankful for a glass of water or your opinion or advice, has never demanded something for himself, is ready to help and show understanding. His life is not easy, he has been fighting for some time.

I met the other person just recently and for the second time in my life, but I was shocked by his strong desire to show off and give an artificial impression of himself. He was not acting as one acts among normal people, but pretending to impress in a positive way to take advantage of it. He was indiscreet, uncomfortable, asking too many questions and pretending to be funny, although he was giving me a headache.

At some point, I prefer to ignore him and turn around. 

Why do people try so hard to impress other people and use a mask instead of being themselves? And why the mask of success, charm and intelligence, when you are talking to a guy who is complaining exactly about it. Maybe the first measure is to have a better control of ourselves on networks (Facebook et alia), where we are all nervous and anxious about presenting ourselves taller, thinner, smarter, funnier, more interesting and sexier than we actually are. That's the game. Play it and have fun, or detect it and retreat.

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