July 16, 2011

The real DDR

A couple of months ago I visited the Zoo in East Berlin (Tierpark). Not the popular one, with famous polar bears and millions of tourists. No. The other one, which is the largest in the world according to the surface. It is such a nice park to visit and stroll around: it is a huuuge green area in the middle of the city (a 10 minutes ride from Alex, even closer than Zoologischer Garten).

If you want to have an impression of how the DDR was, it is hard to get it in Berlin. I had heard many stories, visited many places, talk to many people. And from all this, my conclusion is: the most authentic relic of the DDR is the Tierpark: the aesthetics and, above all, the people! It is worth going there: you will travel back in time. And if it happens that you are an Ossi, you will become veeeeeeeery melancholic. I'm telling you.

As melancholic as I am now in Berlin. (You can't come back to your own people without having a cultural shock. The worst part: where are the pretty girls?!?!?)

Foto: Willy Ronis, Tierpark (1967)

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