July 20, 2011


I attended today the Mexican version of TED. It is called "Pase Usted".

I don't want to be pessimistic or negative, but I just became very depressed while being there, and left.

Pase Usted has the lowest level you can dream of: it worked today as a platform for stupid politicians who came to show us how marvelous Mexico is. Bullshit. The other part of the speakers concentrated their efforts to show us how fucked up Mexico ist. Yes, brilliant!

Where is the creativity? Where is the conversation and debate of ideas and solutions? Where is the struggle for being objective and pursue a common goal? 

Nothing! There was no dialogue, just monologue, and I am fed up with this.

Mexico needs a civil society open to dialogue, debate and objective seek of common projects, not a bunch of vain and conceited speakers throwing boomerang-words in order to give false impressions and to take care of their egos.

If the organizers of "Pase Usted" represent the wealthy, educated class, I reckon there is still a veeeeeeery long path to walk before I can feel proud of being Mexican.

Today, being Mexican is for me a shame. And I miss Berlin and my German friends, where you don't need to fake who you are, what you think, where you are as you are and you say what you think, and you call "der Hammer" what you think that is awesome, and you dub "Mist!" what is a fraud. But this Catholic-Barroque-twisted way of trying to impress the others with bullshit goes on my nerves.

Why is it so hard to focus on something and work?


Yaotzin Botello said...

Keep trying, man.

mysoulcoffee said...

Glücklicherweise hast du Berlin und deine deutschen Freunde in einer Zeit kennengelernt, in der jeder sagen kann, was er denkt und sein kann, wie er will.
Aber für einige war das nicht immer so. Das Gefühl, was du beschreibst, war in der DDR genau dasselbe. Man vergißt das mit der Zeit, weil es heute so anders ist.
In letzter Zeit begegne ich aber wieder mehr Menschen aus dieser Zeit, die mich daran erinnern - ich bin sehr froh darüber, denn es zeigt mir, was sich alles verändert hat und wie weit wir gekommen sind. Und es hat nichts mit "Ostalgie" zu tun!

Insofern schließe ich mich dem obigen Kommentar an: Keep trying! Es ist ein Prozess!