September 10, 2012

Joshua Bell thrice

Yesterday I attended for the third time a concert by awesome violinist Joshua Bell. The venue was very good, the Palacio de Bellas Artes, a Jugendstil building which is 100 years old. The director, Carlos Miguel Prieto, was passionate and efficient and discrete. The beautiful Shari Mason was present as well...

The publicum was not that great: I hate it when people cough and talk and eat during concerts; at least not a single cell phone went off. Some guys came late –escorted by the staff!– and were allowed to enter and move, people changing seats as the orchestra was playing, or talking, or clearing the throats or even going out (to take a leak?, presumably) and coming back. People were coughing all the time, except during the pauses, which I cannot understand (are they making themselves noticeable?).

The organizers should introdue a three minute tutorial before every concert, in order to educate the attendants and stop this musical hooliganism (Tom Service dixit).

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