September 14, 2012

Religious nonsense

Specially after the terrible 20th Century, most of the Western civilization learned to behave properly and be tolerant. We make fun of religion, you can make fun of God, Jesus Christ, Mary, the pope, your mother, and besides a bunch of conservative people, nobody really cares.

We visit the Metropolitan Museum and discover sexualized images of Mary:

We visit Rome and find out that artists such as Bernini have being inspired by sexual activity in order to depict religious ecstasy:

Other artists, such as Banksy or Joseph Canger, criticize society and actual vices by making fun of Jesus or Mary:


People even get aroused by religious motives and make fun and/or money out of it:

And it is ok, because we live in modern democracies and our History has being enriched by the Enlightment.

Yet, recently we have witnessed how intolerant some Muslims can become when they feel that you are being disrespectful to their beliefs. Do not mock Islam or Allah or Muhammad! You might pay with your life a simple provocation – what fanatic people consider as a provocation.

If they would let their women move around freely and let them dress and undress as Western women do, they would probably find out that the Black Stone (al-Ḥajar al-Aswad) they revere looks very similar to this.

Kissing it would be called, I guess, "religious cunnilingus".

Do not be surprised!

Among some Ultra-orthodox Jews, metzitzah b'peh (sucking the blood after practicing circumcision) is still accepted.

Religions are nonsense. Let's stop killing each other because of silly videos or whatsoever.


RicardoZF said...

The metzitzah technique is quite shocking!

Sven AERTS said...

Great posting!

masha said...

Thank you for this post!