September 18, 2012

Rio 2016

Although Sepp Gumbrecht is a bit skeptical about Rio's readyness for the Olympic Games in 2016, this clip shows you how it is going to be organized. I'm excited about rugby and triathlon for paralympic athletes.


Ana said...

It will be ready but we are already experiencing the problems.
Last week I had to take a woman to the hospital because she was hit by a car while cycling at one of the streets they changed.

This is not the first case.
I hate this kind of propaganda they do.
These trained kids...
Well, the poor kids disappeared from Copacabana.

I don't know what they did to them.
This is sad.

I hate Olympics or any other of these stuffs.
It is all about politics...

Enrique G de la G said...

Super interesting your story, thanks for sharing, Ana. Cheers!