September 5, 2012

RIP Tacheles

How long is now? It's too late!

After decades of resistance and years of fond memories in my case, Tacheles has been shut down today bzw. yesterday. This is one of the saddest Berlin-days.

The old store, once the biggest shopping mall in the world, was reduced to ruins during the II World War. Just a small part of it resisted. And independent artists and creatives saved it for decades after the Wall fall. Now, a bank has shut it down to sell it, allegedly to destroy it and use the area to build flats. How disgusting is that!

I cannot imagine Oranienburger Strasse or Berlin without Tacheles. And: Who wants to live there?

My mind went crazy and remembered the cinema, the bar, the kisses, the beers, the dancing, the sand, the Zapata club, the tourists, the making out in the terrace bar, the good nights there, the Grito with friends, the grafitti, the cheap jewelry, the prostitutes walking down the street, the schwarma and doner next door, the exhibitions, the crap, the stairs, the friends I walked in, the friends I walked out, the chic winery next door, the Bionades I had there, the pics I took.

Because of this, today I feel very depressed.

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Anonymous said...

que triste en verdad!!!!