August 2, 2006

About attraction

Foto: Beso en la Ópera, Doisneau

The nature of human attraction is a highly debatable and varied field of opinions. There are two popular and divergent theories subscribed to by the general public about attraction. The first being, similar attracts similar. This basically is to say that those people owning certain traits will seek out and be attracted to those carrying those same traits. The other widely excepted theory is the almost cliché –opposites attract”.

[Usually] a healthy looking person, good complexion, energetic eyes, and a seemingly optimistic mental state, is also to be considered greatly attractive.

Men and women also have extremely different criteria when it comes to mate selection. The old ideas of women looking for stability and security are still very much a part of our society, even with the new found independence enjoyed by woman today who are more than capable of providing for themselves. Men on the other hand are looking for physical beauty and desirable qualities. Men tend to rate the physical above all other points of criteria.

Extracts from The Nature Of Human Attraction submitted by Maggie Perrino, Adam Naylor, Zoe Brickley and Lena Jasper (


Anonymous said...

lo primero son los ojos

Miguel Tormentas said...

según el análisis transaccional nos atrae la persona que nos ayudará a revivir día a día nuestros conflictos emocionales

La Cosa Mostra said...

El tema de la perversidad de la belleza es una constante cultural. Sin duda en el destino de todo hombre se encuentra una Margarita que nos pone una disyuntiva: Emular a Fausto transando con Satanás...o... Emular al Johannes de Kierkegaard y convertirse en Satanás mismo.
R Tobias

Babi said...

Yo creo que nos atrae el nivel de perfección del otro ser, sin importar si es igual u opuesto a una. Hablo de que todo deseo nace después de la contemplación.