October 9, 2009

Consolation Prize: Al Gore, Obama

Our modern saints are the Nobel laureates, since we worship the Swedish Academy. But, oh, the Swedish Academy is really spoiling these American politicians.

I haven't watch
An Inconvenient Truth, and I really have no opinion about Al Gore since I am ignorant about his work. But coincidentally I was thinking about Obama this morning, when we got stuck in a tram. Giving him the Nobel Peace Prize is a very early recognition of some promises he has been doing, I think, as half of the world is also thinking right now. The fact is that he, as President of USA, still is leading some wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, involved in Somalia...). A Peace Award for someone who is currently fighting wars? He was actually in the "Situation Room" when he was informed about the Prize.

Hmm... I understand the underlining idea, but still seems to be too much, or at least too early.

Al Gore lost the Presidential Campaigne (2000), but got the Nobel Peace Price (2007)

Barack Obama lost the Olympic Games Candidacy for Chicago (2009),
but got the Nobel Peace Price a couple of hours ago

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