October 23, 2009

Last hours

Today in Duitama, Colombia, department of Bocayá
4.00 :: Allergic reaction on the left eye. No phone available, nobody in the lobby, doors to the street locked, no internet.
4.45 :: Finally get some guard on the phone. Calls a doctor, she says there is no way to help before 6 or 6.30.
5.00 :: Allergic reaction on the lips.
5.15 :: Cannot breath properly. Still no solution.
7.00 :: Hotel is full of people, nobody is able to give me a phone.
7.05 :: S has a cell, and gives it to me. Call my doctor in Spain.
7.10 :: Want to take the prescribed medicament, but these people invent the theory that I won't get it without a prescription. None of the 7 doctors there can give me one.
7.20 :: They take me to the stupid hospital. Most important thing: the money, the insurance, the credit card. I hate this!
7.25 :: They call me in, and the stupid nurse asks me about the insurance and payment instead of asking what is my problem. Take off the stupid thing around my arm and leave the hospital.
7.27 :: Across the street I see a pharmacy and ask for the medicament. They will bring it in 10 minutes. No prescription required.
7.40 :: A public minibus (buseta) blinks the light and a plastic bag comes out of the window. My salvation!
7.45 :: Take that, pay, and leave for the hotel.
8.15 :: In the restaurant, feeling much better. Seems that 4 people have "complained" because of my attitude, and this will be a big, big problem, they tell me.
11.15 :: Off to Bogotá on my own. End of a four-day-nonsense-nightmare. Beginning of a great trip in Colombia.
18.05 :: Posting this in the airport El Dorado, in Bogotá.
19.21 :: Will be flying to Cali.
20.30 :: Will meet AB in Cali.  


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Anonymous said...

"4 people have "complained" because of my attitude, and this will be a big, big problem, they tell me". No Way!, Good thing that you are all right now. Wishya all thy best.