October 12, 2009

Sun, caiman

In "Sens-plastique", Malcolm de Chazal wrote: "Too much white of the eye fattens the face". Better a little bit of red, then.

Recently, the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado published the first image of a sunspot's structure. The black part is a hole, the red is plasma being vacuumed by the immense magnetic force. All this measures rough two billion square miles.

There is just one word to describe the feeling of being in the middle of the Amazonian night, less than half a meter from the incredibly red eye of a caiman observing you: adrenalin! Till it suddenly attacks you or dives away. Really, really scary. That one in front of me was three meters long, the Indian natives calculated.

This one here is just a little turtle.

And this an even smaller frog.

Box turtle by PhotoFreak


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