October 4, 2009

RIP :: William Safire (1929-2009)

Foto: AP

Unfortunately and sadly, William Safire died one week ago, but I just learned that today. He wrote for 30 years "On Language", which became the most influential column about language trends in North America: "a Times Magazine column that explored written and oral trends, plumbed the origins and meanings of words and phrases, and drew a devoted following, including a stable of correspondents he called his Lexicographic Irregulars".

He was also a speechwriter and politics analyst, who became famous because of his picture of the "Kitchen Debate". Earlier this year he published an account of what happened that day: Krushchev felt pissed off because of Nixon's strong-willingness, that he wanted to show to the new "weak" President who he was. That is why he build the Wall around East Berlin and set missiles in Cuba.

Foto: William Safire

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