October 2, 2009

Two naves: Les Jacobins, Orsanmichele

It is a fact that Romanesque and Gothic churches (and many others since Brunelleschi) have naves in odd numbers: 1 if it is a Saalkirche, and 3 or even 5 if it is a big cathedral or a basilica, like Saint Peter's (Hallenkirche).

For some years I knew a single exception: Les Jacobins, in Toulouse, where the rests of Thomas Aquinas are collected. "Jacobins" is not referred to the Revolutionaries who nationalized the church, but to the Dominicans.

But recently I found another exception, the beautiful church of Orsanmichele, in Florence. It was build in the little garden of the kitchen of the cloister, so that is the origin of the name (orto = garden).

Fotos: Wikipedia

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