July 31, 2010


Life is strange and surprises you. Due to a complete unexpected story, I booked last evening a flight to Paris and flew there this morning to meet a family and write their story, which will be published later this year.

I saw the most amazing things I had never seen in a house. But above all, I have been amazed by the kindness of the family. In order to get a better impression of them and because today was their first summer day, I ended up traveling in a train to Deauville.

This is a famous town on the North: Beautiful beach, the jetset, Ford Madox Ford died here, Coco Chanel opened her second store right here, I got a room in the Hôtel Normandy, which also has its history: There is a tunnel from this hotel to the Casino, which is full of celebrities... and I did not bring either swimsuit nor my cocktail dress. Monsieur Citroën came to the casino, gambled, lost his fortune in two nights, survived the Big Depression but did not survive after he shot his own head.

I love my (dream) job.

Foto: © Dennis Stock (1985) | Magnum Photos

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