July 5, 2010

Lies for free

I have been lucky the last weeks. I traveled twice by plane and twice by train without paying.

When I was flying in South Africa some days ago, nobody at the airport asked me for a ticket or an ID. I got it from their own hands, I followed their instructions, I didn't even have to talk or ask for the documents. Nothing. Completely granted.

I did pay the train tickets, but the controller either didn't check it out or did it wrongly -- in any case, they didn't do their jo properly. The first time, the controller checked an Italian family sitting next to me, and although my ears were plugged to my iPod and I wasn't moving my hands or talking to "my family", he must have thought that I was traveling with them since he smiled to me and moved forward. Did the family have a four-person-ticket? No idea...

Then, yesterday, I extended my open ticket and asked the controller-woman to lend me a pen to fill in the missing information on the ticket. She gave me nothing, and stamped the ticket. I was on the cell, and later, when I checked, she had stamped it on an old and used ticket.

Philosopher Peter Singer published some days ago a very interesting piece about football and cheating. I agree with him when he condemns all those lies on the grass: very well-tonned bodies, worked-out and well trained young man who fall down and cry because somebody just touched them. Football has become a girlish sport, not to be compared with rugby or even American football. A pity!

But am I behaving like all those maricas crying out on the field, cheating on the airport and the train as they try to cheat on the referee to get what they want?

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