July 2, 2010

Teotihuacan in Berlin

Yesterday it was the first day of the exhibition "Teotihuacan" in Berlin's Martin-Gropius-Bau. I had seen the exhibition in Monterrey, and it is really awesome, the largest exhibition on Teotihuacan ever. Since I missed the vernissage, I went yesterday.

It was a bit frustrating to see THREE very long queues for the Frida Kahlo exhibition. The masses and the interest for Frida, right! On the other hand, the Teotihuacan exhibition was almost empty.

At the ticket booth, the woman couldn't understand what I said. "Teotihuacan". Seems that she had never heard the word before. "Nobody can pronounce it, everybody is saying just 'Teo' or 'Mexico', how did you pronounce it?"

Inside, I met an old lady who was taking notes in front of a warrior sculpture and I started talking to her. She had been there the whole day, arrived at 10am, and it was already 5.30pm. Crazy! Then, in a very polite way, she said to me: "You speak a little bit 'foreign', where are you from?" ("Sie sprechen ein bisschen Ausländisch, wo kommen Sie her?"). "I come from Teotihuacan", I replied immediately. I explained her that I am Mexican and she was completely excited because of that. "And do you have Indian blood?" "Well, I don't look like an Indian but we all in Mexico have at some extent Indian blood, yes..."

One hour later, the woman came again and told me: "It was very nice to meet you, you were the highlight of the exhibition". Right...


Anonymous said...

hahaha, Was she also expecting an Völkerschau?? WTF, sad that the expo was quite empty!!!

luis said...

Hahaha que chingón. Fuera de su ignorancia, que bonito cumplido.

Yaotzin said...

La hubieras sacrificado arriba de una de esas piedras teotihuacanas.