July 18, 2010

Kunst aufräumen

I went to a party last Friday and the best thing was discovering this funny book, "Kunst aufräumen", putting some order in the art. This Swiss guy represents the Swiss order but in a funny way. He talked at TED in 2006, check it out (15 mins.)

My favorite is Peter Bruegel's market. And also van Gogh's due to last weekend's cleaning-up-action in my new room in Munich (the previous guy living here left everything behind: a dissected turtle, a painting by his grandpa when he was a prisoner of the French Army during First World War, a few great books, vinyls from the 70's, a laser, an amazing calculating machine from the 30's, a typewriting machine from the 20's I would like to steal since I was unable to find again my grandpa's...).

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