July 29, 2010

MoMA's genial playlist

I am currently working for a great art magazine, the oldest one in Germany. I won't link the webpage, since it is really bad (I am in charge of it, but cannot change it), but the magazine itself is really good and rather unknown. Still a lot of work to do there.

It is great to work in the art field, really enjoyable. There is a lot of stuff to learn.

So, I have been thinking about this a lot, when I read via Guuzbourg about the new exhibition about Matisse in the MoMA. They have done something really cool: a playlist of the exhibition. Guuzbourg writes:

"Five great French bands and singers were invited to play in the Big Apple. Barbes Records releases a digital-only compilation (out Aug. 3 on iTunes, Amazon, etc) with songs by FillesSourires-faves like Holden, Marianne Dissard and Fredda to promote the expo and the artists. The only song about a Matisse painting is an inédit by Fredda (Fréderique Dastrevigne) called Fenêtre à Collioure. Which, as you all know, is also a painting by Matisse (pictured). The brushes in the intro sound like a brush on canvas – intentional? Fredda sings about the boats in the window and the colours – lovely song".

Ah, long live the arts!

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